Eric Greenfield


Erik Groeneveld – This over 2.00 m long Dutch artist is better known as ‘Eric Greenfield’. His great passion for music manifested at a very young age which led him to start playing his first gig when he was 16 years old. In his early teens he was exposed to DJ’ing with vinyl and not long after that he started to try and mix records himself. His natural talent flourished and it became very clear that this was going to be his life’s path; Playing his music for large crowds.

Erik has been played in the harder music styles for years. Starting out with a weekly
residency in a fairly small club he soon entered the national circuit playing at all the
renowned venues in the Netherlands. He has collaborated with legendary artists such as
Paul Elstak and Neophyte. After focussing on their solo careers, these artists have returned to the studio to work on brand new Hardstyle productions as artist team ‘Tekno Warriors’. The strong team combines their musical minds for each studio session, resulting in years of experience being injected into every project.
In recent years Erik became very interested in Techno music and started making techno
tracks called ‘Powerfull, 9 F*cking mm & Wave your hands’.
Erik will be playing Techno music by his alias ‘Eric Greenfield’. 

‘My style is characterized by strong beats’ (Erik, 2019)


Têchno DJ
Techno DJ Rotterdam
Eric Greenfield Rotterdam
DJ Eric Greenfield
DJ inhuren
Techno Music DJ


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